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Desktop Stand For Home Patrol


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This is a high quality stand for the Uniden HomePatrol and HomePatrol-II, 3D printed from carbon fiber reinforced poly-carbonate. The scanner snaps securely into the stand, which is angled for easy viewing and access to the touchscreen. It can be used as a desktop stand with the included rubber feet to keep your scanner from accidentally tipping over or sliding around. It can also be mounted in a vehicle with a RAM mount, or any other mounting system using the AMPS 30 x 38mm mounting hole pattern. Compatible with scanners that have been modded with an internal GPS.

Size of Base: 150 mm x 100 mm

The stand requires a simple 30 second assembly with a #2 Phillips screwdriver; the vertical arm attaches to the base with two included screws.

Manufacturer:  Uniden Scanners, Mods & Accessories




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